Staff leaving soon

06/07/2012 11:54

Oh and also to say that some of the current members of the Sidewalk Team have decided to move on, James, who has coordinated the project over the last 4 1/2 years who many of you have got to know from the street based work, schools work or his 8 year time in Perth, is moving away. He has taken up a position of Youth and Community Worker in Ottery St Mary, Devon, and is starting this in September 2012.

James would like to extend his appreciation of the last 4 years to his dedicated and enthusiastic teams of staff and volunteers who have enabled the work to occur and be successful. He would also like to thank the young people for their energy, creativity and acceptance of the project. For all the moments where we have been able to help a young person with whatever situation they have described to us, we thank you for that privaledge that you have opened up to us.


Also Malcolm (aka Malcolm in the Middle) is Moving to a different work placement, though he'll still be in the town and possibly doing some youthwork on the streets, he'll also be starting up youth work and community work in Tulloch, for Tulloch Net.


Theres no easy way to give you all this information, but here it is. Thanks again

James, Malcolm and the Sidewalk Team