The Change

08/10/2010 19:12

Boy that was quick... 4 weeks ago it was dark at 8.45pm, this week its dark at 6.45pm.. where did the summer/autumn go? yet this time of the year has traditionally ( wow can i say 'traditionally' now on Sidewalk! ) become quite a busy time for us. In not too many days the shows will be setting up in Perth for a few weeks and that attracts many to the south inch, a mixture of mums with small kids, some 9-12 years old enjoying it for a night out, and a load of 16-19years olds who still think they want to be 13 again but do the rides whilst on alcohol. 

Why is it that those who pretend to be so grown up still hanker after their lost childhood/early youth? and should we not be surprised by this? in fact one young person recently did not like being described as a 'young adult' as this wasnt something they were ready for. yet the person is 16.

oh back to the season... well i am about to head out in the town, its slightly damp ( been that way for 2 days) its misty, and dark. Yet there will be at least one or two surprises in town this evening, a familiar face, a young person wee not seen in a while, maybe an incident to sort out, some one thinking we are the street pastors, and some opportunities to be availible to chat with and listen to young people. Its a privaledge and an honour to be accepted in the street lives of young people, where many other services fear to tread, where magic happens, and where something positive can occur.