Letham Report so far - Pamela

Letham Work Update May 2011


Sidewalk in Letham is currently in the late stages of organising. I’m currently writing this update from the Letham Learning Base, where I have been graciously provided with a space to work from on Wednesdays. Working from here one day a week is easier, practically, for organising the work here and it means I have been able to meet with the community education workers in the area. It has been interesting to see how they work here and also to find out a little bit more of the services that they provide for the area.


We are getting ready to start training for volunteers, with the training packs ready to go to print and a room booked for training in Letham St Mark’s Church. The only thing missing now is our new volunteers. Contact with churches is still on going. Currently, I’m rescheduling a meeting with Jim Stewart to let him know all about the work that we are planning for Letham. Then, hopefully, we’ll have a date to speak to the congregation about who we are, our plans for working in the area and to ask for some local volunteers.


We’ll be heading out in Letham once or twice over the period of the training to get a feel for what’s going on in the area. We haven’t been out here since the Christmas blizzards, so it will be good to see how it looks in the warmer weather, and not have to be battling up the hills when they are covered with ice.


Our training is booked to start on Monday the 16th of May and with be on Monday nights until the 20th of June. If you know anyone who might be interested in volunteering, point them our way. Also, if you could help on any night to come along and maybe share your experience of Sidewalk, it would be greatly appreciated.