Perth YMCA

Perth YMCA is a Christian Voluntary Organisation that works with young people in Perth, Scotland.

Helping Young People Build a Future

is the Mission statement of Perth YMCA and it does this by providing opportunities for young people to participate in a range of projects. Currently it offers places on the following projects:

Get Ready For Work : ( Young People aged 16-24)           Speak to your careers adviser or Contact Tony on 01738 580001

Carbon Challenge Project: ( ages 16-24)                          Contact Aj on 01738 580001

Future Jobs :   (ages 18-24)                                            Contact your Personal Adviser at the Job Centre

Linc Project and Discover Me :(For Young People in Schools)  Contact your Guidance teachers at school.


The Youthwork staff at Perth YMCA can be contacted on 01738 580001, the management can be contacted on 01738 630121. Other Projects may be running in the near future, please see for more details or contact the youthwork staff.