How did the Project Start?

The Project started out as a piece of college research in 2003, when a local church based youthworker collated evidence into the activities and behaviours of young people in Perth City Centre. After assessing that the main activities that caused concern were linked to alcohol misuse, he gathered local agencies and churches together to propose the beginning of a collaborative project to address these issues and build relationships with the young people. The Sidewalk project was born!

 A Partnership of three local agencies was created ( two of which remain) who continue to oversee the direction and vision of the project and enable the project to continue. Funding was applied for which enabled the appointment of James Ballantyne in Dec 2007, he then quickly began to publicise the work of the project and train volunteers.

Since Dec 2007 Detached youthwork sessions have taken place on the streets on Perth, Friday and Saturday evenings

September 2008 Three Students,  Matthew, Harriet and Laura began work on the project

March 2009 Sidewalk starts delivering detached work in schools

July 2009 Sidewalk starts pilot project with Riverside church working in the North Muirton area

September 2009 Sidewalk starts detached work on Thursday evenings now that the cafe has closed for a while

October 2009 Pamela (ICC youthwork student) starts with the Project

October 2009 Training for new volunteers

March 2010 More Training for Volunteers

May/Jun 2010 Attendance at Transition days and Driving Ambition events

October 2010 Start Planning for work beginning in Letham


How is the Sidewalk Project Funded?

The Sidewalk Project is funded by local churches and charitable trust funds, it is hugely grateful to the following for their continued support of this work

Perth North Church                           

Scottish Churches Community Trust

The Parish Development Fund           

JK Cairncross Charitable Trust

The Gannochy Trust                         

The Thompson Trust 

The Robertson Trust                        

The Guildry Incorporation of Perth

The Souter Charitable Trust  

Tay Charitable Trust

Cashback for Communities           

The Project continues to seek funding that will enable it to continue to meet the needs of young people in Perth, if you know of anyone who you think would like to support this work, or if this is you please could you contact us using the contact details opposite.